H series of cabinets adopt high quality components. HF is equipped with over current protection and PTC protection to improve the cabinet reliability. H series of cabinets are suitable for touring show, meeting room, multi-purpose hall, bar, club, etc. 

Application: Reinforcement system for touring show, meeting room, multi-purpose hall, bar, club, etc; Auxiliary system in medium/large meeting room, auditorium, etc;
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>Elegant appearance, environmental protection water-paint; 

>Wearable, solid, water-proof wooden box 

>High power/sensitivity, sweet tone, rich human voice, powerful bass

>Over-current protection and PTC protection for HF 

>Twelve M10 flying points for quick set up and adjustment

Type2-way 8”full range cabinet2-way 10”full range cabinet2-way 12” full range cabinet2-way 15”full range cabinet
Frequency response75Hz~20kHz (-10dB)55Hz~20kHz (-10dB)50Hz~20kHz(-10dB)45Hz~20kHz(-10dB)
Sensitivity(1W@1m)92 dB94 dB96 dB97 dB
Nominal Impedance
Power handling150W  (continuous), 600W (peak)200W (continuous), 800W (peak)300W (continuous), 1200W (peak)400W (continuous), 1600W (peak)
LF8' MF/LF / 50mm voice coil 10' MF/LF / 65mm voice coil12' MF/LF / 75mm voice coil 15' MF/LF / 75mm voice coil 
HFPEN diaphragm / 34mm voice coil PEN diaphragm/ 34mm voice coilPEN diaphragm / 44mm voice coil PEN diaphragm / 44mm voice coil 
Max. SPL120dB123dB127dB129dB
Dimension(WxHxD)268x420x247 (mm)326x484x319 (mm)379x569x369(mm)441x666x427(mm)

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