Application: Suitable for the applications in multi-purpose hall, show hall, meeting room and auditorium.
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> LF section adopts copper/aluminum voice coil, magnetic circuit with high efficiency of dissipation; 

> HF section adopts accurate phase corrector, excellent Titanium diaphragm; 

> Switching between LC crossover and external crossover can meet demanding mixing requirement. HF protection circuit makes distortion low;

> Five aluminum bars for easy hanging; 

> Tray with two holes for easy and quick set up.

Type10”two way full range cabinet12”two way full range cabinet15”two way full range cabinet
Frequency response55Hz~20kHz (-10dB)50Hz~20kHz(-10dB)43Hz~20kHz(-10dB)

60Hz~18kHz (±3dB)55Hz~18kHz(±3dB)48Hz~18kHz(±3dB)
Sensitivity(1W@1m)94 dB94 dB97 dB
Nominal Impedance
Power handling250W (continuous), 1000W (peak)500W (continuous), 2000W (peak)600W (continuous), 2400W (peak)
LF10' MF/LF / 65mm Voice coil 12' MF/LF / 100mm Voice coil15' MF/LF / 100mm Voice coil 
HFPK Diaphragm / 34mm Voice coil Ti/PEN Daphragm / 75mm Voice coil Ti/PEN Daphragm / 75mm Voice coil 
Max. SPL124dB128dB131dB
Dimension(WxHxD)310x530x290 (mm)380x660x367.5(mm)430x760x418.6(mm)

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