Engineering commercial speaker system - GY series are all made of Russian imported birch plywood. The design of diamond grille with 3D effect reflects the

wisdom of Soundking. Both tweeters and woofers are from our partner B&C company, which can ensure profound and distinct vocal amplifying effect and

enhance the popularity of this series of products;

This series feature high sensitivity, high power and true reproduction of human voice, thus proving the best choice of vocal amplifying;

The series are designed with dual-hole tray, 35mm diameter, 0°~10° adjustable for pole mounting application; multiple suspension points available for

omnidirectional installation and optimized amplifying effect. In addition, this series can be configured for 45°monitoring angle, which reflects its versatility.

Application: Applied to the applications in large, medium or small conference room, classroom, bus station, shopping mall, etc, and outdoor performance applications, such as band, party, cultural salon, touring show, etc. As a typeof PoE based speaker, GY5 adopts the new PoE technical standard. Through only 1pc network cable, it can realize power supply and transmission control without manual setting. After networking, it automatically connectwith the server and synchronize with the server to meet the amplifying needs of small or medium scale venue.
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5' Passive Full Range Speaker System

Frequency range-10dB




Maximum SPL


Nominal impedance



LF unit

5' LF unit (B&C-5PS44)/44mm voice coil/ ferrite

HF uni

1' throat (B&C-DE110)/36mm voice coil/ NdFeB

Coverage(H x V)


Input connection

POE interface

Suspension system

15×M6 suspension


191×302×175 (mm)

Net weight

4.8 kg

Soundking is a globalised industrial Group focusing on engineering, production, marketing and installation of pro audio, digital cinema and other live performance related equipment.
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