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SoundKing peripheral equipment have two models,APC870 and APC850.APC870 is designed based on DSP for multiple formats of digital audio processing and setting fixed cinema speaker system. If features large LCD to display function status, specification setting, level, problem warning, etc. The main functions are as below; AES/EBU digital audio signal conversion, DSP digital audio processing, 8 channel signal inputs, 16 channel outputs, 1.3K analog audio, stereo, optical fiber, coaxial signal, microphone, USB, supporting TMS cinema management system, etc.APC850 is the digital cinema audio processor. The system adopts new way to decode multiple digital cinema audio formats, and processes the audio signal from cinema server, and achieves digital audio processing based on DSP Algorithms Algorithm, and reaches 8 CH signal input crossover/EQ/limit/delay, etc. built-in monitoring, L/M/R switchable; external pink noise input for convenient test. Multiple function connectors: 2K digital audio/1.3K analogue audio/stereo/microphone/USB to support TMX cinema system.

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