Grand opening of Soundking(Beijing)Electronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd

Time: 2019-05-10
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March 12, 2019, in capital Beijing, Soundkings second joint-stock company——SoungkingBeijingElectrics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd grandly opened.

Soungking president Mr. Wang Xianggui, vice president Ms. Chen Zhong, industry association leaders, industry experts and many partners attended the opening ceremony.

Grand opening of Soundking(Beijing)Electronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd

SoundkingBeijingElectronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd is Soundkings second joint-stock company with millions of investment, it will play a vital strategic role for the development of Soundking over the next 30 years. At the opening ceremony, Mr president Wang Xianggui says, this is a quality platform of innovation, entrepreneurship, talent and mutual win for Soundking, and this year Soundking will establish 10 joint-stock branches throughout the country to attract the industry elite to join Soundking.

Grand opening of Soundking(Beijing)Electronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd

President of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association, Mr. Huang Jiusong, delivered speech as an important guest, offering warm congratulations on the establishment of SoundkingBeijingElectronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. Over the years, China Intelligent Building Association and Soundking have maintained a stable and friendly relation of cooperation, offering many resources and a platform to help with the development of Soundking.

Shortly after, chairman Huang Jiusong, together with Mr. Xue Bangtian, chairman of Beijing Intelligent Building Association, Mr. Wang Zhengzhong, chairman of Chongqing Intelligent Building Association, Mr. Zhu Peixiang, chairman of Hebei Intelligent Building Association, Mr. Han Hongzhi, deputy secretary-general of China Stage Art Society and director of Audio Professional Committee, Mr. Li Jiayang, secretary-general of Beijing Intelligent Building Association, Mr. Wang Xianggui, president of Soundking, did the ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony for the establishment of SoundkingBeijingElectronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd.

Grand opening of Soundking(Beijing)Electronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd

The product exhibition hall, covering an area of approximately 800 square meters, created by SoundkingBeijingElectronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd with millions of investment showcased the core products which can be used on various occasions such as stadiums, movie theaters, meeting rooms and theaters, including easy-to-operate digital mixer series; versatile and quick-to-install column speaker system; linear array speakers suitable for a variety of stadiums, theaters and mobile live performances; mobile linear array speaker system suitable for various mobile live performance and fixed installation; active coaxial speaker for various large, medium and small meeting rooms; digital POE speaker for audio and video transmission; family entertainment system which adopts patented technology and integrates functions such as drum playing, study, karaoke and game playing; intelligent elevation platform and so on, fully demonstrating diversified all-industry chain of Soundking.

Grand opening of Soundking(Beijing)Electronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd

Products such as Soundking 5228 artificial intelligence fully immersive speaker digital cinema and artificial intelligence digital home cinema are leading the industry, superseding the existing traditional devices and leading a new way of modern cinema life.

Grand opening of Soundking(Beijing)Electronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd

5228 artificial intelligent fully immersive digital cinema adopts Soundkings exclusive patented technology, building a 22.5.8 format fully immersive sound system, achieving replay of multilayer multi-channel sound, converting an ordinary 5.1/7.1 movie into four-layered multi-channel immersive ambient three-dimensional cinema system.  The unique cinema processing effect, sound clarity, richness and accuracy of audio and video positioning have all reached professional atmos cinema level.

Artificial intelligence digital home cinema is Soundkings latest product of technology, the core functions of the system are highly integrated, it adopts Soundkings internationally patented digital media center, it has eight functions such as movie, game, karaoke and so on,it comes with advanced laser projector and laser curtain, highlighting the visual effects. The speaker adopts piano lacquer and has beautiful appearance and can be fully integrated into the living room style. The appearance of the whole system is chic, its tone pure and bass effect stunning, letting each audience enjoy the cinema-like audio-visual experience and providing you with a fully immersive feeling.

Grand opening of Soundking(Beijing)Electronics & Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd

Intelligent Systems such as intelligent conference system, command center, smart campus fully networked system have let the guests feel the strength of Soundking as the overall solution provider for intelligent audio and video multimedia systems.

Intelligent Conferencing System' is dedicated to businesses large and small meetings, the system has built-in intelligent display, perfectly solving the problem of traditional projector being blurred by light interference, which contributed to the participants ' understanding of the theme of the event;

The conference recorder freed up the minuting work of the meeting, saved manpower and material resources,which has aroused the keen interest of many guests.

The command center integrates contingency plan, video, picture, voice, geography and so on, integrating public security, fire service, health, transportation and other emergency command and dispatch into one management system via integrated video surveillance Systems, GIS information systems, network communication systems and emergency combination systems.Through shared command platforms and information platforms, to realize alarm receipt concentration, prompt research and determination, fast response, centralized direction and joint operation.


Soundking is a globalised industrial Group focusing on engineering, production, marketing and installation of pro audio, digital cinema and other live performance related equipment.
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