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This year marks the first year of “Belt and Road “strategic initiative.
As the history tells, the ancient Silk Road has witnessed the glamorous scene with numerous merchants running back and forth, and the once prosperous Maritime Silk Road that carried tens of thousands of shipping vessels. Historical experience also reveals that no matter how far away we are from the ancient Silk Road success, as long as we are bold enough to make our first step, we can blaze a trail of common development, thus making more victories.

The recent years has seen a soundking implementing national development strategy and embarking on its own “Silk Road”.  On Dec 30, Mr.Wang the chairman of Soundking group led a delegation to visit Sri Lanka, the so called “Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” The delegation, together with its Sri Lanka sole dealer, co-chaired successfully the first Soundking China digitalized audio technology conference.


The conference aimed at expanding new market and casting the brand influence of Soundking, attracted more than 500 attendants from 300 audio industry related enterprises. The national TV of Sri Lanka had been reporting the grand conference throughout the event.

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