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An Event that you cannot miss----Soundking’s Debut on CineEurope 2017

CineEurope, the largest and the most influential exhibition in European film screening and distribution industry, was held at CCIB of Spain on June, 19th 2017.

With the growing international influence of Chinese filmdom, China has already marched into the international market.  A leading Chinese brand for cinema sound in this exhibition, Soundking together with its subordinate brand PGS which has 4 series of cinema products and cinema touring reinforcement system, made its debut on the international arena, showing the world charm and strength of a professional manufacturer of digital cinema reproduction system.

Precisely designed for Dolby atmos and 3D Audio Cinema Reproduction System, Galaxy Series---3D Audio Cinema Products were brought to this exhibition by Soundking. Adopting the most advanced cinema reproduction speaker combination, a design team from China, USA, UK and German spent 4 years in developing the top class and hi-end cinema products that represent the most distinguished features of this era. And the Sound of nature series is designed to maximize the usage of a narrow space and improve the cost performance with its ultra-thin speakers. Harmony Series, a standard cinema product with strong directivity and high resolution, satisfies the needs for sound reproduction in second or third class cities, also in small or mid-sized places. Integrating diversified functions like Karaoke, film screening, and meeting reinforcement, the digital cinema touring reinforcement system is designed to meet the demand for multifunctional cinemas and cater for the developing trend. Soundking has received fervent responses from both home and abroad.

In the pavilion, the sound effects filled the experience hall, sometimes roaring, sometimes whispering, which deeply impressed the audience. With its unique tone, Soundking prepared a sound feast for its customers, making the dazzling, life-like cineframe more touching.  

The Ultra-thin speakers of the Sound of Nature series are adopted in the experience hall, which puts a narrow space into good use and maximizes its advantages. The MF/HF horns for the flat enclosure solve the problem of weak directivity and strong FO but simultaneously keep the low distortion and high effciency. Lots of customers are interested by the unique diamond contour and customized color, designed for different decoration. HF unit and LF unit are arranged horizontally to suit for low space.

As the Cinema Series was launched world widely, Soundking’s blockbusting presence in this exhibition becomes a very effective practice, the popularity of which is far beyond our anticipation. The products developed independently by SK proved its creativity to the world. And undoubtedly, this will enlarge the influence of China Creation oversea. As a national brand, SK will keep enhancing its place in the international cinema industry as it is quickening the footsteps to the world.

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