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In the "Excellent Quality Speaker of the Year 2008 Selection" hold on February, 2008 by China Entertainment Technology Association, experts evaluate Soundking speaker as beautiful and soft tone, better balance; all types of musical instruments sound natural and true, with better restoring ability. Treble bright, structured and effective, high definition and in electro-acoustical performance aspect, K212 has smooth impedance curve, high sensitivity, and low distortion.

K212 is one member of the Soundking “K” series family, with Soundking engineers’ tremendous efforts, and after careful comparison, K212 and K215 were chosen as the representative to participation in this grand event. With innumerable test in the sound reinforcement projects, its success has proved the excellent quality of K series speakers.     

K series speaker is specially designed for projects application,live speaker cabinet. With a wide range of specifications, and optimized configuration, this series may adapt many kinds of sound reinforcement project.


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