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L series of cabinets are the main Soundking products with prominent and full bodied treble, powerful bass, clear human voice, which make the cabinets the optimal choice for musicians. The wooden box has unique dimension, avoids inner wave and reproduces original frequency response.

L10/L12/L15 are suitable for bar, coffee bar, club, multi-purpose hall, medium/small show. L18S/L218S have powerful bass, high power, high SPL. If they are used with main cabinet, the effect will be better. 

HF section adopts accurate phase corrector and Titanium diaphragm. The wooden box structure optimizes LF performance. LC crossover speaker adopts high components ( e.g. metal film capacitor, winding inductor, cement resistor ) and unique treble protection circuit. Five aluminum bars are used for easy hanging. The wooden box consists of 20mm birch plywood.


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