Artos series Sound column system

Time: 2019-05-14
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ARTOS Series is a new version of the versatile portable combo column system, including a 6*3' passive plastic case column, a 10” active subwoofer with built-in 4-channel box-type mixer integrating dual channel power amplifier, and a support cabinet. After simply assembly, you can form a high-performance professional speaker system, ideal for salon, party, small band performance, conference, speech reinforcement, etc.


> Three-way 3” plastic combo column system, including a 6*3' full-range speaker, 1*1' compression driver horn full-range speaker, and a 10' active subwoofer. Excellent sound, light weight, easy carry. Constant directivity treble horn design, evenly distributed field coverage.

> 10' active subwoofer, inverted phase design, built-in 2*300W dual channel power amplifier, 4-channel box-type mixer, including 2 MIC/LINE IN, 1 RCA stereo mixed line input, 1 HI-Z line input, 2 XLR line output and 1 mixed line output, ULF volume separately adjustable.

> High-efficiency 2-way 300W “CLASS-D' amplifier featuring high power, low distortion and excellent sound.

> Switching power supply design, light weight, stable performance, allowing 100V~240V wide power input.

> 24bit 1in 2out DSP module with gain, crossover, delay, limit, EQ, etc.

> A support cabinet for plastic column, you can adjust the height of the sound column system according to the needs to get the best acoustic coverage.

> Support Bluetooth connection.

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