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Meets the customer expectation. cinema surround systems.Surpasses the traditional connotation. Competes with the capability of leading enterprise. The model of the industry!

The classic FC series uses the most international advanced cinema loudspeakers elements. Via the cooperation of domestic and US/UK/Germany team for 4 years, Soundking designs the new generation reproduction cinema sound system.

The combination of multiple two way /three way models, and one or two or three driver can be selected for cinema of audience from 100 to more than 1000.

This series speaker cabinets have obtained patents, e.g. new compound magnet circuit speaker cabinet, ultra-long magnet field speaker cabinet, new structure compression driver. The even coverage technology ensures the accurate reproduction effect.

Customized unit and international top accessories offer perfect tone.

The first one to use 100mm MF compression driver technology in China and accurate constant directivity horn are the best choice for the high standard cinema.

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