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This Classic version cinema speaker series is  2-way cinema loudspeaker system. It consists of one φ44mm voice coil HF driver, one φ75 mm voice coil woofers. have high efficiency, low distortion, high performance price ratio and easy assembly and tuning.This small surround speakers designed for small cinema applications.This Classic version cinema speaker series also can be 3-way cinema loudspeaker system. 1"" throat compression driver equipped with a φ44mm voice coil, two 6.5 midrange speakers with φ38mm voice coil and two 15"" woofers with φ75mm voice coil. High sensitivity, optimum directivity, full and punchy sound.This cinema speakers designed for medium cinema environments.We also have high quality subwoofer system.It consists of two φ100 mm voice coil woofers.Ultra high power reaches 1200W, excellent enclosure design to provide extended low frequency to 26Hz, high power, low distortion and deep sound.

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