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Share in Harmony, Cooperate for Tomorrow
One Focus
Tomorrow's glory, Today's effort
Two Connotations
Working morality= working efficiency + working discipline + working quality Professional ethics = service consciousness + service activity +service quality
Three Targets
Let Soundking be a united, earnest and a vigorous discipline troop;
Make Soundking a school where employees learn culture and skills; Help
Soundking be a close, warm and harmonic family.


Realizing our dreams together

Setting strategy for talented employees is essential for the growth of a company. Soundking recognizes that the development of human resources is a key component in maintaining its competitiveness. It also commits itself in setting up a mutual and self improvement environment in order to nurture its talents.

• Focusing on improving employee's profession ethics.
• Building a harmonic and ideal working environment for employees.
• To provide employees with training and development opportunities;
• Introducing a competitive salary system.
• Organize entertainment activities to enrich employees' lives.
• Break down any communication barriers between management and employees.


Respect and Care for Employees

Soundking has invested 30 million RMB in constructing a modern housing apartment for more than 1200 employees from other cities. It comprises of dormitories, dining hall, health care center, supermarket, bank, hairdressing center and recreation center. In addition, Soundking has also invested 32 million RMB in a multi-function complex which houses a stadium with a floor area of 3000m2; basketball court, library, entertainment hall, activity center to promote company culture and enrich employees' lifestyle;

The people's concept is displayed in every aspect of the employees' life. Such concept draws employees closer to the company; improving harmonic working atmosphere, and ultimately provide spiritual motivation for the further development of company.


《Song Of Sounkding》

《Thanksgiving Song Of Sounkding 》

《Code Of Conduct Song》

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