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Corner Guards offer complete impact protection across a broad range of demanding applications. We have 2 ways 90°,3 ways 90°,4 ways 90°.5 ways 90° and 6 ways 90°.The stage stand parts model are: DKC2204G/DKC2904G/DKC3904G, DKC2204B/DKC2904B/DKC3904B, DKC2204F/DKC2904F/DKC3904F, DKC2204J/DKC2904J/DKC3904J, DKC2204E/DKC2904E/DKC3904E, DKC2204I/DKC2904I/DKC3904I, DKC2204H/DKC2904H/DKC3904H, DKC2204N/DKC2904N/DKC3904N, DKC2204L/DKC2904L/DKC3904L.                                 

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