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Cabinet adopts high strength polypropylene engineering plastic of plastic injection moulding for high strength and light weight purpose.

HF & LF speakers feature high performance, large power and excellent sound.

Special handle bars are designed based on cabinet design for easy carry, playing the role of either front speaker or stage monitor.

High efficiency, low distortion, affordable price.

High/low tone control, electrical active crossover, appropriate and   flexible tone trimming.

Class-D amplifier with switching power supply adopts tweeter amplifier designed with integrated circuit, featuring good performance, low distortion and soft & natural tone.

Overheat, overcurrent, short circuit and autonomic compression protection functions guarantee normal working of the speaker.

4 x M10 suspension points, 35 bottom hole, either suspension  or support use.

Soundking is a globalised industrial Group focusing on engineering, production, marketing and installation of pro audio, digital cinema and other live performance related equipment.
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