FC715 / FC715A
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● The 3 way speaker cabinet designed for 3D audio cinema consists of twoφ100mm 15″LF units and a Nd magnet compression MF driver and aφ100mm Nd magnet compression HF driver

● LF unit: uses unique Al short circuit loop design to reduce distortion obviously and improve HF voice coil heat radiation.  4″dual winding voice coil doubles the heat dissipation and improves the load capacity. Loop rib cone makes the clear sound

● Nd magnet compression MF driver: uses Al dome and PEN diaphragm to ensure wide dynamic low distortion driving. NdFeB magnet with 2.1T flux

● Nd magnet compression HF driver: uses the unique structure compression driver design, gold plated spring piece, new material, new structure, high performance low cost, round and bright sound to replace the famous brand HF unit

● High power/sensitivity/SPL, wide dynamic, strong resolution, better directivity

FC715 / FC715A

Speaker patent technology 

● Main speaker cabinet and surround/top speaker cabinet use the latest invention and practical patent ultra-long magnet field dynamic speaker and special structure compression driver technology. 

● 100mm high power Nd magnet MF compression driver and 100mm high power Nd magnet HF driver use high damping and Nanofiber peek/Al diaphragm, polyimide bobbin and Al voice coil, sensitivity (1m/1w) higher than 112dB, max SPL more than 136dB.

FC715 / FC715A

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