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FP series of active plastic speaker are divided into two series: FP0210A / FP0212A / FP0215A active and FP0210 / FP0212 / FP0215 passive. They have polypropylene enclosure with high intensity and light weight. The professional handles are convenient for move. Asymmetry structures make the cabinets suitable for monitoring application. High performance tweeters and woofers have big power and excellent tone. Active cabinets are equipped with H/M/L 3 band equalizer to adjust tone. Class AB amp achieves excellent performance, low distortion, delicate tone. The protection includes thermal protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, automatic compression while over load, which ensure the stability of cabinets FP205/FP206/FP208/FP208-1 cabinets can be used in all kinds of weather. FP205T has an impedance convertor for 100V or70V transmission. It has low distortion in long distance transmission.

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