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LE205,5 line array system is a two way system providing flat frequency response and phase response in a range of 60Hz-20KHz. MF/HF system consists of a 44mm HF compression unit and two 5 inch LF unit reducing the loudspeaker weight and increasing high SPL/volume ratio. 

LE205 MF/LF section consists of two 50W 5 inch cone LF unit with a grille in front of to prevent from comb filter interference and to optimize MF directivity. HF section consists of a 44mm HF compression unit using plane convertor to convert HF wave to plane wave to reduce comb filter effect and increase sound clearness in a long distance, combining with a 90 degree constant directivity horn to form a even wave plane.

The trapezoidal enclosure keeps the loudspeakers close to the most extend to reduce ineffective sound area and minimize vertical side lobe. The aluminum suspension system provides 0°- 10° adjustment for 

various applications. Elastic painting finish is designed for durability. Two NL4MP 4pin connectors are convenient to link with other loudspeakers.

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