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Soundking launches the first 3D cinema sound system in Ningbo after 2 years R&D, which has the most advanced technology 3D cinema speaker cabinets system. This system is customized for Dolby Atmos 3d surround sound system to suit for large space application of longer echo time.

The main speaker cabinet and surround/top speaker cabinet use the latest Soundking invented practical patent Ultra Long Magnetic Field Dynamic Speaker Cabinet & Special Mechanical Compression Driver technology.

100mm high power MF Nd compression driver and 100mm high power HF Nd driver use high damping factor nano fiber peek/Al alloy diaphragm, black polyimide bobbin and Al voice coil to provide higher than 112dB(1m/1w) sensitivity and 136dB max SPL.

The classical horn keeps constant directivity (H &V), excellent frequency dispersion, long transmission distance, even sound pressure, attenuation ≤6dB when H directivity ≥100°.

Ultra long magnetic field and amplitude, ultra high power, lower distortion. This technology is used to design LF and MFLF to improve 50% power in the same condition and improve LF performance.

The 3D cinema speaker cabinets feature high power, excellent transient, low distortion, strong directivity, high resolution, accurate sound field, high fidelity to create most natural sound for the audience. The whole system is the optimal selection for the luxury 3D cinema.

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