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LE205 line array is a two way system providing flat frequency response and phase response in a range of 60Hz-20KHz. MF/HF system consists of a 44mm HF compression unit and two 5 inch LF unit reducing the loudspeaker weight and increasing high SPL/volume ratio. 

LE205 MF/LF section consists of two 50W 5 inch cone LF unit with a grille in front of to prevent from comb filter interference and to optimize MF directivity. HF section consists of a 44mm HF compression unit using plane convertor to convert HF wave to plane wave to reduce comb filter effect and increase sound clearness in a long distance, combining with a 90 degree constant directivity horn to form a even wave plane.

The trapezoidal enclosure keeps the loudspeakers close to the most extend to reduce ineffective sound area and minimize vertical side lobe. The aluminum suspension system provides 0°- 10° adjustment for various applications. Elastic painting finish is designed for durability. Two NL4MP 4pin connectors are convenient to link with other loudspeakers.

LE205SA adopts two 10” 2.6” voice coil high power units. The vented horn load design makes LE205SA efficiency higher.  The active subwoofer combines low distortion speaker technology, linear power amplifier technology, DSP audio processing technology. The input signal is processed by preamp, then DSP, and then the power amplifier. 

The power amp module has various speed fan for cooling, over-load protection, short-circuit protection, thermal protection. When the temperature is higher than the reasonable range, DSP attenuates signal output amplitude then shut down amp output to provide reliable operation for users. LEDs indicate peak level and AD overload and DSP overload. The high quality chips increases S/NR efficiently.

Software connects the loudspeaker with PC via RS232 interface. 

If PC has no RS232, use USB cable to connect. 

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