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As a type of directivity adjustable line array system, GL406A features flat frequency and phase response and includes 10pcs 1” NdFeB HF compression units and 4pcs 6.5” NdFeB LF units from Italian B&C.

GL406A adopts 14 channels(10*60W + 4*220W) Class-D power amplifier, each speaker with independent PA and DSP channel. Soundking’s unique DSP adjusting technology enables single speaker generates different vertical directions of energy beam in order to cover different object regions by a centralized location, vertical coverage reaching +/- 30°. Another feature is “Sidelobe blanking technology”, namely using Soundking’s exclusive special DSP algorithm to suppress excess sidelobe energy in vertical direction. Excess sidelobe energy is unavoidable to traditional products, as it increases upward and downward energy radiation of speaker and arouses strong reverberation between ceiling and floor. The application of these technologies achieve excellent directivity control ability and speech intelligibility.


1. Italian B&C NdFeB HF compression units and LF units;

2. Custom Class-D power amplifier with switching power supply, 14 channels - 10*60W + 4*220W;

3. Digital vertical electronic guiding;

4. Powerful DSP control technology, wave beam forming, sidelobe suppression, light beam focusing;

5. Each acoustic center can be distributed to different object regions;

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