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G Series Active Line Array Speaker Cabinet, every full-range speaker totally confirms to line array principle. After many years’ research, Soundking developed the HF wave guide horn, MF phase plug, patented H/M/L speaker and many other core parts exclusive for line array speaker cabinet. G Series Active Line Array Speaker Cabinet with good directivity control, evenly distributed sound field, outstanding volume/sound pressure ratio and also many other fine quality, is highly recognized in the world.

G Series Active Line Array Speaker Cabinet is built in with hi-power Class D amplifier; the amplifier uses high-efficient switching power supply; the DSP module features the adjustment of crossover, EQ, limited voltage, delay, volume, etc; easy operation for DSP panel and computer connection by LANE port. The box is made from solid, high-quality and moisture-proof birch plywood; inside box, multiple reinforced structures are used to reduce the energy loss due to harmonic oscillation to make LF more firm and powerful under high power and high sound pressure; two handholds with safe human engineering structure are installed on both sides of box; the speakers adopt patented intelligent suspension system, easy installation and disassembly; the surface of box is processed with scratch and wear-resisting black galaxy coating.

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