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LE215,15 line array system is a three way line array (45Hz-20kHz frequency) which consists of two 76mm HF compression units, four 8inch MF units and two 15inch LF units to provide sufficient headroom & high SPL to volume ratio and reduce the weight. 

LE215 adopts dual 500W 15 inch cone LF units for MF/LF section,four high sensitivity 8inch MF units for MF section which uses phase plug to improve directivity and sensitivity and decrease unit distortion

and create a flat wave plane. The HF section adopts two 76mm composite diaphragm compression unit. The wave convertor changes dome wave into plane wave to decrease HF interference and to improve sound clearness, combining with a 90 degree constant directivity horn to form a even wave plane. 

The trapezoidal enclosure keeps the loudspeakers close to the most extend to reduce ineffective sound area. The angle of each enclosure can be adjusted 0-10 degree with one degree for one time. The aluminum suspension system provides 0°- 10° adjustment for various applications. Grille with hex-hole increases the sound penetration. Red painting finish is designed for durability. Handle provides convenience for transportation.

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