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G210,10 line array system is the two way system which consists of 10 inch Nd magnet LF unit (one way) and 10 inch Nd magnet LF unit plus one 75mm Nd HF compression unit (the other way). HF and LF are processed by the built-in passive crossover.  G210 line array features 60Hz-20KHz frequency, flat frequency and phase response, and the 75mm Nd HF compression unit & two 10 inch Nd magnet LF units provide high headroom. 10 inch Nd magnet LF units use premium components. The compression unit converts dome HF waves into plane waves via the wave converter. The trapezoidal enclosure minimizes the gaps between two speaker cabinets, and reduces the useless sound area of the line array, and minimizes the side lobe. The accurate Al suspension system makes safe and quick set-up. 0°- 10°adjustable angle keeps full coverage requirement of different applications. The side handles are designed for easy transportation. 

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